Why Hillary Clinton says Americans must ‘accept the reality’ about President Biden


Hillary Clinton on President Biden: In a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Mornings with Zerlina,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Americans to confront the reality of President Biden’s age and focus on safeguarding democracy against the looming threat posed by Donald Trump’s potential return to power.

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Clinton’s remarks come amidst growing concerns over Biden‘s age and competency, with many questioning whether he is fit to lead the nation. However, Clinton emphasized the need to move beyond debates about Biden’s age and instead concentrate on the broader implications for democracy.

Acknowledging Biden’s age, Clinton stated, “Let’s go ahead and accept the reality. Joe Biden is old.” She juxtaposed Biden’s age with his effectiveness as a leader, contrasting it with Trump’s purported dangers to democracy.

Highlighting the authoritarian threat posed by Trump’s possible victory in the 2024 presidential election, Clinton underscored the importance of choosing between two candidates, both elderly, while prioritizing the preservation of democracy.

While Clinton refrained from directly addressing concerns about Biden’s mental capacity, she pointedly critiqued Trump’s cognitive abilities, citing instances of him “ranting” and “making no sense.”

Responding to speculation that concerns over Biden’s age might serve as a “proxy” for reluctance towards electing a female president, Clinton acknowledged the challenges but attributed them more to general apprehension about age rather than gender.

A recent poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College revealed that a significant portion of Americans, including Biden supporters, harbor doubts about his ability to effectively serve as president due to his age.

As the debate surrounding Biden’s age and leadership capabilities continues to simmer, Clinton’s call to confront the reality and prioritize the protection of democracy resonates amidst the broader political discourse in the United States.

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