Aavesham Movie Review

Aavesham Movie Review – “Aavesham” into a Must-Watch Gangster Comedy!

Aavesham Movie Review When the powerhouse actor Fahadh Faasil steps into a project, expectations soar, and more often than not, he delivers beyond anticipation. “Aavesham,” where Faasil not only takes on the role of the protagonist but also serves as a producer, is no exception.

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Teamed up with director Jithu Madhavan, known for his knack in storytelling as seen in the superhit “Romancham,” “Aavesham” promises an exhilarating ride through the underbelly of Bengaluru. This gangster comedy not only showcases Faasil’s prowess but also introduces a fresh ensemble cast, making it a laugh riot worth experiencing.


Unraveling the Plot:

Set in the bustling streets of Bengaluru, “Aavesham” centers around the escapades of three Malayali college students – Bibi, Aju, and Shanthan – portrayed brilliantly by Midhun, Hipster, and Roshan Shanavas respectively. Their attempt to unite first-year students against ragging takes a drastic turn when they become victims themselves, enduring two days of torment at the hands of their seniors.


Fuelled by the desire for revenge, the trio seeks local support to execute their plan. Their quest leads them to Mayuri Bar, where they encounter the enigmatic Ranga, portrayed by Fahadh Faasil. Dressed impeccably in white attire adorned with ostentatious jewelry, Ranga exudes an aura of intimidation despite his non-violent demeanor. As the narrative unfolds, Ranga’s involvement catapults the story into a whirlwind of comedic chaos, intertwining college politics with the world of gangsters.

What Sets “Aavesham” Apart:

Director Jithu Madhavan’s adept storytelling coupled with the impeccable casting of fresh talents breathes life into “Aavesham.” Despite the familiar college setting, it is Ranga’s character that injects novelty into the narrative, transforming it into a mass masala comic caper. The dialogues, laden with humor, seamlessly blend with the performances, ensuring an uproarious experience for the audience.

Fahadh Faasil’s portrayal of Ranga stands out as the highlight of the film. Known for his versatility, Faasil effortlessly embodies the eccentricities of Ranga, infusing each scene with his trademark charm and wit. Whether it’s his quirky dance moves or subtle expressions, Faasil’s comedic timing elevates the character, making Ranga unforgettable.

The Verdict:

“Aavesham” transcends the boundaries of a conventional gangster comedy, thanks to its engaging storyline and stellar performances. Faasil’s magnetic presence coupled with the trendy music by Sushin Shyam ensures its appeal to the youth demographic. While the cinematography by Sameer Thahir captures the essence of Bengaluru, the editing could have been tighter to enhance the pacing of the narrative.

In Conclusion:

In a cinematic landscape filled with formulaic narratives, “Aavesham” emerges as a breath of fresh air, offering pure entertainment from start to finish. Fahadh Faasil’s tour de force performance as Ranga cements his status as one of the finest actors of contemporary Malayalam cinema. With its blend of humor, drama, and action, “Aavesham” promises to leave audiences thoroughly entertained, making it a must-watch for cinephiles craving an exhilarating cinematic experience.

So, buckle up and immerse yourself in the world of “Aavesham” where laughter knows no bounds, and Fahadh Faasil reigns supreme as the undisputed king of comedy!