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DeAr Telugu Movie Review: A Mixed Bag of Emotions with GV Prakash Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh

“DeAr,” the latest offering in Telugu cinema, brings together the talented duo of GV Prakash Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh in a narrative that promises to delve into the complexities of relationships amidst personal challenges.

Directed by Anand Ravichandran and produced by Varun Tripuraneni, Abhishek Ramisetty, and G Pruthviraj, the film explores the journey of Arun and Deepika as they navigate the hurdles posed by the latter’s sleep apnea. Premiering in theaters across the Telugu states, “DeAr” has generated buzz for its unique premise and stellar cast. Let’s dive deeper into the film and dissect its highs and lows.

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Unraveling the Story:

At its core, “DeAr” revolves around Arun (GV Prakash Kumar), a budding news reader with aspirations of becoming a renowned journalist. His life takes an unexpected turn when he marries Deepika (Aishwarya Rajesh),

only to discover her struggle with sleep apnea—a condition that challenges their relationship from the outset. As Arun grapples with the complexities of marriage and familial responsibilities, the narrative unfolds to explore themes of acceptance, love, and resilience.

Plus Points:

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Aishwarya Rajesh’s portrayal of Deepika stands out as one of the film’s highlights. With nuance and sensitivity, she breathes life into a character burdened by a medical condition, showcasing her versatility as an actor.

GV Prakash Kumar delivers a commendable performance as Arun, effectively conveying the emotional turmoil of a husband caught between his aspirations and his spouse’s health issues. Rohini Molleti shines in her role as Arun’s mother, adding depth to the familial dynamics.

Minus Points:

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Despite its intriguing premise, “DeAr” fails to sustain momentum, losing focus midway through the narrative. The transition from exploring sleep apnea to delving into the reunion of an elderly couple feels disjointed and detracts from the film’s core storyline.

The screenplay lacks depth, particularly in addressing the emotional nuances of the central conflict. As a result, pivotal moments intended to evoke empathy and connection fall short, leaving the audience wanting more.

The chemistry between the lead pair feels underdeveloped, hindering the audience’s investment in their relationship arc. Additionally, the supporting characters remain underutilized, missing opportunities for meaningful exploration.

Technical Aspects:

Director Anand Ravichandran struggles to maintain coherence in the narrative, resulting in a disjointed viewing experience. The film’s pacing suffers from uneven editing, with scenes feeling drawn out or rushed.

GV Prakash Kumar’s music fails to leave a lasting impression, lacking the emotional resonance needed to elevate key moments. While the cinematography by Jagadeesh Sundarmurthy is serviceable, it does little to enhance the visual storytelling.


“DeAr” offers a mixed bag of emotions, with moments of poignancy overshadowed by its narrative inconsistencies and lackluster execution. While Aishwarya Rajesh and GV Prakash Kumar deliver competent performances, they are unable to salvage a story that struggles to find its footing.

With its weak screenplay and disjointed storytelling, “DeAr” falls short of delivering a truly engaging cinematic experience. As audiences seek out entertainment options, it’s advisable to explore alternative choices for a more satisfying viewing experience.


In the realm of Telugu cinema, “DeAr” emerges as a film with noble intentions but faltering execution. Despite the best efforts of its talented cast, the film’s narrative shortcomings hinder its ability to leave a lasting impact. As viewers seek out meaningful storytelling and compelling performances,

“DeAr” serves as a reminder of the importance of cohesive storytelling and emotional resonance in filmmaking. While it may appeal to fans of romantic comedies, discerning audiences may find themselves wanting more from this cinematic offering.

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